About TTM

Our two principals bring unique and powerful strengths to the service of our clients.  Please click the images below for the  individual biographies and more information about each of the primary partners of TTM.

Ernest S. Cowell


M. Patricia K.-D. Cowell

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T.T.M. may seem like an unusual name; let’s explain. “Things That Matter” is the title of our TV program, which we produced and hosted for 14 years on Time Warner and various stations, introducing Financial Gurus in the Insurance, Banking and Real Estate Worlds to the public. We created a one stop shop for your team of independent professionals to help you achieve your goals and dreams. 

In addition to M. Patricia and Ernest, the TTM Team includes independent professional associates as follows:

2 Attorney’s that specialize in Wills, Trusts, Family Business, Special Needs, Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts.

2 Attorney’s in the field of contracts, litigation, and setting up business as corporations, LLC’s, etc.

2 Book-Keepers great at setting up Quick-Books, or doing it for you

2 Accountants specialists in ensuring you do not have Tax issues, and resolving them if you do

2 Real Estate agents, both in professional and single family residence, sale or purchase, and building investment portfolio’s or negotiating commercial property deal

2 Independent Insurance Agents, giving you access to the top Insurance companies in the USA. Helping you to “share you risks”, set up “tax free income for life pensions”.  Insurance that pays you during your life time, and takes care of your beloved ones when you are gone. Key-man insurance for your business. “Safe money” tools for building your portfolio.

At “Things That Matter” you can build and work with your team, and do one stop shopping for important “Building bricks” to enable you to have the luxury of choice with your life. 

We want you to be able to look at what is available with an open mind, and then YOU choose what you want to do.  

Old but good advice that we believe in, “never ever, put all your eggs in one basket” THAT is why you need a professional team…

Like every business, things change and move in the Law, Real Estate, Insurance and Financial worlds.  At TTM you will get up to date information from a team of veterans in their professions, who excel at working through and staying aware of changes in their field.